January 12, 2024

2024-03-15 | 14:40:03

"Grilli's is one of the best delis you'll ever find.. everyone is there is very nice and the food is spectacular.. even something as simple as chicken salad is amazing.. great deli for sure.."
January 5, 2024

2024-03-15 | 14:40:04

"In town for the holiday and randomly stopped here for a breakfast sandwich.. I am beyond happy that I did!! Service was amazing "
October 17, 2023

2024-03-15 | 14:40:05

"In addition to having the BEST chicken salad, their staff is some of the friendliest people! Every time I come in they are so nice and know what I want which has become a funny joke! Great food, people and prices"
September 1, 2023

2024-03-15 | 14:40:06

"Very good BEC and friendly staff, the parking is a little tight"
July 19, 2023

2024-03-15 | 14:40:07

"Where the locals eat. Great atmosphere where the customer service is as good as the food. Stop in, say hello, and eat well."
June 16, 2023

2024-03-15 | 14:40:09

"The staff is super friendly"